Infonews® company: a pioneer effort

Infonews® is a pioneer company in the field of internet, as well as other services. Its work is to update and inform the companies which provide medical-hospital material about the announcement, progress and current situation of the relevant competitions announced by public tenders. Infonews® informs, facilitates and guides its clients from the original announcement and publication, cheks for possible variations all through to the completion of the procedure. Infonews® additionally keeps records for each procurement.

Infonews® was founded in 2005 and consists of specialized executives with knowledge of the procedures and the specific characteristics of the public section. Infonews® uses this knowledge and keeps constant communication with the people who handle the competitions on behalf of the public tenders and with the whole of the Athenian and provincial press. In this way Infonews® collects, organizes, processes and provides a huge amount of data in favor of its clients. The effect of this effort is imprinted and disposed in the present website which is updated on a daily basis.

With the discreet guidance of the Infonews® executives, the companies which provide medical-hospital material gain time, money and effort and get to focus on the competitions they are interested in, increasing in this way their profit. It is easily understood that the range of the Infonews® services is much wider than a simple press-clipping company and offers much more than a random lining of the material. 


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