Gain access to hospital-medical competitions using Infonews® services!

Infonews® at this moment provides four basic services which will increase in future. The services are provided through the present interactive web-site with a special code number for each client. By using as base the general forms of the Infonews® web-site, which are initially common for everybody, each client eventually creates his own interactive file of interests and actions accessible only by himself. If the client wishes, the Infonews® executives can provide suitable telephone support for the better exploitation of the multiple operations of the website.

Briefly, the services provided by the present web-site of Infonews®:

Competitions of supplies-services

Urgent Notification for Procurement of Supplies – Services

Information about the availability of the announcements

Access to the texts of the announcements

The subscribers of Infonews® enter the inner pages of the website (“Enter”), where the above services are provided. Please keep in mind that our services are described here very briefly. Actually our interactive forms offer many more options. If you are not a subscriber and wish to be please choose (“Subscription”).


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