Leader in in medical - hospital competition information services.

The only company with expertise in the field of medical - hospital Public Tenders' competitions.

Total business information services in a 4-stage solution pack!

Obtain full access to thousands of competition documents, using an intuitive and user friendly administration panel.

NEW Notification through email of the urgent (within the day) invitations for tender deposition.

Αll in one. All with a click.

Coverage. The only company with a full packet of four services.

Experience. Many years of knowledge in the competitions of public section.

Free access in the texts of announcements.

Time saving. We telephone for you.

Reliability. Multiple check of the details of the competitions.

Care and interest. We never miss competitions.

Discretion towards your competitors.

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Infonews® company: a pioneer effort

Infonews® is a pioneer company in the field of internet, as well as other services. Its work is to update and inform the companies which provide medical-hospital material about the announcement, progress and current situation of the relevant competitions announced by public tenders. Infonews® informs, facilitates and guides its clients from the original announcement and publication, cheks for possible variations all through to the completion of the procedure. Infonews® additionally keeps records for each procurement.

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Gain access to hospital-medical competitions using Infonews® services!

Infonews® at this moment provides four basic services which will increase in future:

  • Competitions of supplies-services
  • Urgent Notification for Procurement of Supplies - Services
  • Information about the availability of the announcements
  • Access to the texts of the announcements

The services are provided through the present interactive web-site with a special code number for each client.

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