Infonews® company: a pioneer effort

Infonews® is a pioneer company in the field of internet, as well as other services. Its work is to update and inform the companies which provide medical-hospital material about the announcement, progress and current situation of the relevant competitions announced by public tenders. Infonews® informs, facilitates and guides its clients from the original announcement and publication, cheks for possible variations all through to the completion of the procedure. Infonews® additionally keeps records for each procurement.

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Gain access to hospital-medical competitions using Infonews® services!

Infonews® at this moment provides four basic services which will increase in future:

  • Competitions of supplies-services
  • Urgent Notification for Procurement of Supplies - Services
  • Information about the availability of the announcements
  • Access to the texts of the announcements

The services are provided through the present interactive web-site with a special code number for each client.

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